What's it like to be a Spraypainter?

Spraypainters apply paint to vehicles and other surfaces, preparing and customising colours for their customers. Spraypainters may work in large workshops or for insurance repairers, and may carry out general crash repair spray painting or more specialised custom paintwork.

Painter duties and responsibilities

Painters are responsible for site preparation, colour matching, surface preparation and applying paint and other finishes to walls, ceilings, furniture and other surfaces. Additional duties and responsibilities include:

  • Working with clients to ensure they complete the work according to the requirements
  • Measuring the work area to calculate the time and materials required to complete the project
  • Preparing the surrounding area, including covering fixtures and furniture to prevent messes
  • Preparing painting surfaces, including removing old paint, filling holes and cracks and washing walls
  • Choosing the tools to complete the job
  • Mixing and matching paints and colours to meet the texture and look required for the project
  • Applying paint, varnishing and other finishes, hanging wallpapers and other decorative products
  • Cleaning up painting tools and supplies, replacing fixtures and rearranging furniture after completing the project
  • Collaborating with painters on other larger jobs
  • Working with other construction professionals such as, carpenters, electricians and plumbers when necessary

What does a Painter do ?

A Painter performs a wide range of functions in the construction and decorative industries to make the appearance more attractive and protecting the interior and exterior of structures. The Painter examine surfaces to determine the best finishes for the job and estimate the amount of work required. They follow instructions and read blueprints of buildings to complete the job.

Before painting, a Painter must prepare the work area, including covering plumbing and lighting fixtures and building scaffolding. Other surface preparation they need to do includes removing old paint and making the surface level to bring out the best in the painted structure. Painters must also maintain painting and decorating equipment and ensure that they are enforcing health and safety standards while on site.

Painter skills and qualifications

Painters need a combination of various skills and qualifications to succeed in their role. A successful Painter candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, that include:

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